Enchanting stories, beautiful animations

Owl House Studios specialises in telling emotionally – charged and intimate stories through creating visually stunning worlds with strong creative direction and a relentless attention to detail. Working mainly with traditional animation methods, our films have an enticingly tactile look and feel to them.

Working on a project from the initial concept through to the final delivery, we endeavour to stay true to the original idea whilst imbuing it with our own vision. With a talented team of artists, model makers and animators, everything we create and produce has its own unique Owl House Studios style.

With all new projects, we work very closely with our clients in the initial stages to get the script and visual direction correct. From this point on, our team goes on to craft a visually beautiful world around the story. Our highly talented animators create stunning shots and sequences that result in a unique film of the highest quality possible.

Jess Cope3

Jess Cope

Partner, Director, Writer

With over eight years working in the animation industry, Jess brings an unprecedented level of skill and attention to detail to all our projects. Her emotive storytelling draws in audiences in a way that has seen her win multiple awards for her films in recent years.

With her past experience animating on projects such as Tim Burton's feature, Frankenweenie, TV series including Postman Pat and The Clangers, Jess has an expert and incisive knowledge of the animation industry.

Her acclaimed 2010 film, The Astronomer's Sun, won a plethora of awards and cemented her reputation as a truly talented animator and director. Jess drives every project through to exceed client expectations and always with an intense passion.

John Cope

John Cope

Partner, Producer

As a long standing multi-disciplinary creative professional, John brings a wealth of knowledge and entrepreneurial experience to the company. His hands - on approach ensures that all projects are handled professionally and receive a detailed overview from start to finish.

Ally Cross

Alison Cross

Art Director, Model Maker, Artist

A talented artist in her own right, Alison's abilities compliment Owl House Studio’s style perfectly. Her abundant skills in creating beautifully detailed sets and models give our films a delightful look with a clever touch of humour.

With an incredible ability to adapt different styles into a look that is always identifiably 'Owl House', her creativity keeps our work both stylistic and beautiful.

Topher Holland

Topher Holland

Editor, Compositor

With many years of experience in film editing, Topher has a gift for pace and timing that has seen our music videos emphasise the tracks that inspired them. Being a professional and gifted musician himself, he has a deep understanding of music that ensures our films are intrinsically linked to their soundtrack.