Steven Wilson : The Raven That Refused To Sing

Directed by Jess Cope & Simon Cartwright - 2013

Eliah lives alone in his cabin in the woods, sworn to a life of solitude after the death of his sister during their childhood. While foraging in the woods, he encounters a Raven that sings to him, like his sister did when he was young. He captures the Raven, hoping its singing will return his sister to him in some way. Based on a short story and original artwork by Hajo Müller.

While every other song on the album feels rooted in reality, this song has a feeling of fantasy about it that I really enjoy. Perhaps that feeling is because of the song's video, which is a sight to behold. The whole thing is done in a cut-out paper style, which gives it an amazing, hand-crafted feel. It makes you think that the creation process behind the song was an enormous investment of time and effort, which, based on the level of emotion I feel when hearing it I'm sure it must have been.

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